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Year of the Future: Top 5 SEO Trends of 2019

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It’s no wonder that both Akira and Blade Runner, both beloved and critically lauded Sci Fi films are set in 2019. This is the year of innovation and the future.
Innovation and refinement will be booming this year and it’s no surprise that SEO will be a part of that. It’s time to let go of old habits and sacred cows that don’t propel our market forward. More businesses than ever are flanking to online markets, which means that competition in 2019 is fierce. With so much on the line online, it’s best not to leave your marketing to chance.
Here are the top 5 SEO trends that will take place in 2019 and how to best utilize them.

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In 2018, mobile searches accounted for half the amount of organic searches alone in the US. It should come as no surprise that Google is going to begin ranking search results for that.
This year Google plans to launch its first ever mobile index. *Signal the french horns* A new era is approaching.
What does that mean exactly? In a nutshell it means Google will begin ranking the mobile version of your site the same way it ranks your desktop version.
If your online website isn’t already mobile friendly, then you may find yourself lost in the dust. But, if you can make the necessary changes now, then your monument of a website can stand the test of time.
First, start by making your website mobile friendly now. Google has already begun implementing its index and you don’t want to procrastinate any longer. Second, there’s no need to use something like a URL (I.E. a separate URL). WordPress comes with thousands of themes which are already responsive. Third, account for speed in your mobile version. There are many ways to do this from installing caching plugins to enabling AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) on your site.
Speed, responsiveness, and design are things that need more research as we move further in mobile optimization, but these are things you should be thinking about.
Email me if you would like help mobilizing your site for Google Search.
There are many ways to check if your site is mobile friendly. Once that’s done it’s time to move onto speed.

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Slow sites were like so 2018…
If Google is the Indy 500 then SEO optimization is the pit stop. It can certainly feel like a race at times and if your engine can’t handle the heat, you’ll be lagging behind your competitors.
Google is nuts about speed, and that obsession is about to grow in 2019. Google is now implementing speed into Pagespeed Insights, which used to take into account only technical parameters of a site. Now, for both mobile and desktop versions of a site, it’s graded on optimization and speed. Currently there is no correlation between speed score and ranking, but Google is testing to separate these categories. Don’t be surprised if very soon the speed score starts to affect the ranking of your site.
Speed and optimization are becoming smarter and more advanced as we march forward in time. This leads to my third point:

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their approach to finding the right keywords for the user.
Stuffing your site with keywords that you think will attract people to your site is a thing of the past.
This should be good news for both the searcher and you: the searcher will get closer to what they want and you will be attracting an audience that wants what you’re selling.
So get to the action. Build a call to action on your site that makes it easy for customers to get what they want. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a second and consider what’s causing a higher bounce rate. If “B” (slow page times, intrusive advertisements, unrelated posts, etc.) is stopping them from getting from “A” to “C”, then clean it up.
Customer intent is important to consider because a new technology is emerging where intent is critical: Voice Search.

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Listen up buttercup! They say the power is in the voice and this rings especially true with search trends for 2019. 58% percent of users have used voice search and that number is growing. You want the consumers to sing your praises as you make it easier for them to find you with voice search.
Consider the following:
Google prefers short, concise answers for voice searches. The typical voice search result is only 29 words in length.

  • Content with high levels of social engagement tend to do well with voice searches. The average voice search result has 1,199 Facebook shares and 44 Tweets.
  • Finally, keeping your content simple, organized, and easy to read at a ninth grade level seems to do well with voice searches.

Keep your ears open about updates regarding voice searches. It’s still a new technology and updates and new research are bound to pop up. But an adaptable, high-quality site is a successful site.

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No I’m not trying to get your tummy rumbling. What I’m trying to say is that the internet may be a hungry machine, but it’s also a fussy one. Gone are the days when you could just spew out content to feed the beast without considering quality first.
We are in 2019 now. Websites, like restaurants, need to profile their best cuisine.
In fact thinking of your website like a restaurant is a good start. Michelin stars may not mean much to the online market but Google stars do. In August 2018, Google updated the algorithm to take into consideration a website’s Expertise – Authority – and Trustworthiness or E-A-T.
Creating great content is a skill many of us can learn. There are many ways to improve your E-A-T rating:

  • Cite authors and biographies for all editorial content
  • Take charge of your personal social media accounts and personal branding
  • Cut out content that doesn’t meet the E-A-T standards
  • And many more!

Like a muscle, the more you work at creating high quality stuff, the better it’s going to get. Make 2019 the year of workshopping your material with experts and really letting yourself learn. It just might make your year a profitable one.

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How a year unfolds is always unpredictable and SEO is not exempt from that fact. On the whole a common theme for 2019 that we can all follow is refinement. Refining your website’s responsiveness, speed, accessibility, and content will be a great start to this year. Cut the fat and throw away any old habits that aren’t helping you, even if that means doing something you may not be familiar with. Trust me, it will help grow you as an online marketing superstar.
I can’t wait to see where this year takes us. Comment if you enjoyed this article and if you have any thoughts of where this year will lead to.


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