Are you looking at ways to increase your brand awareness and increase conversions online?

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picnic social is a full-service marketing agency focused on elevating small businesses in Canada by working with different tools and online strategies. Get to know more about our services and packages:

Marketing Roadmap


Start your business off with the right marketing strategy and elevate your conversions! picnic social will prepare your key buyer persona and your consumer journey map to clarify your selling point to the right consumers.
A  Kick-off Marketing Roadmap comes with:

  • Detailed Buyer Persona 
  • Detailed Consumer Journey Map 
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Pain point and solution to reach your buyer persona 
  • Presentation with key findings with an outline strategy

Price: $1200
Time frame 1 month

Ready to Reach

Is your business is ready to go the extra mile and reach a variety of clients who have different needs? If you’ve answered yes, then our Ready to Reach package will help you prepare a marketing plan to serve three unique consumer personalities. A Ready to Reach Marketing Roadmap includes: 

  • Detailed Buyer Persona Comparison Chart (3 Buyer Personas)
  • Detailed Consumer Journey Maps
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Pain point and solution to reach your buyer personas
  • Presentation with key findings with an outline strategy

Price: $2000
Time frame 6 weeks

Marketing Management

Awareness Monthly Basket

Designed to assist entrepreneurs, this monthly package will give you the marketing support needed to run other important areas of your business. picnic will create social media content, blog posts, newsletters and ad campaigns based on your business goals.

  • 3 posts per week and 2 stories on 3 platforms (Choose between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Business).
  • 1 blog per month (including SEO Strategy)
  • 1 newsletter per month
  • 6-week ad campaign (does not include ad spend)
  • Monthly evaluation report and content strategy meeting

Price $1200+GST per month

Engagement Monthly Basket

It’s the full package you are looking for! picnic will keep your online presence ongoing with social media content and management, blog posts focused on SEO Strategy, newsletters, website maintenance, Google My Business updates and ad campaigns.

  • 5 posts per week and 2 stories on 3 platforms. (Choose between Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,  LinkedIn and Google Business)
  • 2 blogs per month (including SEO Strategy)
  • 2 newsletters per month
  • 6-week Ad Campaign (does not include ad spend)
  • Monthly evaluation report

Price $1690+GST per month

*These packages require a minimum 3-month contract between client and picnic. Content may be replicated on different channels based on needs and objectives. Content does not include photography/video. Such creativity is at an additional cost.

Customized Marketing Baskets

Market Funnel

Capture more leads with a campaign strategy that builds on your marketing funnel tactics. We create a plan for awareness, engagement and sales touchpoints to turn interested buyers into loyal customers.

  • A keyword plan for your business and SEO strategy
  • A content funnel strategy that builds on your awareness, engagement and sales platforms.
  • Lead magnet
  • Email automation strategy
  • Month calendar of social media content relevant to lead magnet, designed for either Facebook and Instagram, or Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Ad campaign (does not include ad spend).

$2,000 + GST

Video Marketing

Video is growing in popularity and picnic social has teamed with Lucid Visuals to create a video marketing package that helps potential customers get to know you best! Include video in any one of the packages above and receive:

  • 3 hours filming
  • 6 hours of video editing
  • Feature film: 1,5-minute video about your business
  • 5 social media shorts: 15 seconds each
  • Packaged for HD, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram
  • Prepared for picnic social media management and market funnels

Starts at $1,100 + GST

 Looking for something more customized?

 Need to write a blog? Create an e-book? Design a landing page or advertisement?  We can take care of that! picnic works with a team of professional creatives that  deliver the style and tone of voice to meet your brand standards. Please contact us  for an initial consultation and package rates

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