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How to Make Your Facebook Ads POP This Cyber Monday

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I get it, Facebook ads can be a daunting task for a newcomer. Finding the right demographic for your ads can feel like a shot in the dark. Many times Facebook ads do not convert the way Google Ads do. This can be very frustrating for a beginner but with Cyber Monday fast approaching it’s important to treat shortcomings as a learning experience.
Consider the following:
Facebook Ads are not like Adwords because the intent of the searcher isn’t there.
Think about it. When you go on Facebook to stalk your ex or your wacky aunt Jo’s trip to Petra, are you really there to buy things? No. Hardly anyone goes on Facebook with the intention of finding their next buy. Most people will use Google to find those perfect holiday mittens. Facebook is a social media site, and your ads need to reflect that.
Here is a quick list that can help your Facebook ads campaign go from a lukewarm campaign to a lucrative one this Cyber Monday.

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While it’s important to visualize your customer, the results can be unpredictable

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Finding the right demographic is the fastest way to boost up that ROI. But the results of finding that audience can not only be challenging, but surprising too.
Age, gender, and location are all important factors when building your ads. Facebook does give you info on these things and even a fun lifestyle section, however, do not to rely heavily on this. You should be experimenting and testing your ads to see who is really clicking on them. The results may be surprising.

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Here is a successful ad demographic story.

Project Repat repurposes people’s old T-shirts into fun and memorable quilts. In 2016, Project Repat had a goal to find their right demographic. To do this they first used lead ads to target specific groups, such as moms with middle-class household incomes and interests in cheerleading, sororities and sports. The company developed a 1% lookalike audience based on the emails collected from people who responded to the lead ads. The team also created a lookalike audience from a Custom Audience of people who had visited its website and added a quilt to their online shopping cart.
During the holiday season Project Repat saw an increase in sales by 3.2xs just by using the results from its lead ads!
You gotta think outside the cyber box when finding the right people on Facebook. Creating consumer profiles is important but there just has to be some ingenuity involved. This is where the line between science and art gets a little blurry.

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Experience is important but to make it with Facebook Ads, some ingenuity is needed

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It’s easy to treat ads like a science. Science is reliable, it’s objective, and it’s fast. With Facebook though you gotta have that wow factor to get those clicks. Realize what Facebook is for. It’s social media. It’s supposed to be fun.
When you’re on Facebook, you’re not just in competition with other ads, you are in competition with people’s family and friends.
One way to really sell your Facebook ads is to engage your audience is through storytelling. There are many different channels advertisers can use to tell stories through their ads. One that I want to highlight is called the “Funnel Approach” which entices the customers to you. let’s go down it together:

  • The first step of the funnel is called the “Meet The Brand” step. This is where the brand introducers itself to the world. No matter if the company is up and coming or established it’s important to have a light intro and start building rapport. This leads to —
  • “The Teaser” This is where the brand teasers their product so to speak to gain higher interest. Finally —
  • “The Hook” You call your best shots here and start to reel those people with a call to action ad.

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It’s important to do research on the different channels one can take when building their Facebook ad strategy. For newcomers, I really encourage them to try the funnel approach as it builds loyalty and trust in customers overtime. Refinery29 had 49% greater conversion rates for email registrations when using a funnel-based marketing approach. It really works!
After you find your audience and your approach, the last thing you gotta do is to really give them the ol razzle dazzle.

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Make your ads full of sugar, spice, and everything nice!

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Colour, font, backgrounds, sugar, spice, and everything nice! If the Powerpuff Girls can brand themselves for eternity, then so can you.
Google ads are encouraged to be simple. Sometimes an eye catching headline is enough. But with your Facebook ads, you’re in a fight to the death with a vortex of all different types of media.
You’re going to have level your Powerpuff branding up.
But if you don’t have access to “Chemical X” there’s still many tricks to get that x-factor and make your ads super.

  • Start with a call to action page that leads to a working landing page. I cannot stress enough how important it is to build your landing page first and then build your design around that. A call to action may not boost your traffic, but it certainly will increase conversion.
  • Balance the logical and emotional: use emotional words in ads like: magical, revolutionary, astonishing and back it up with factual ones: great features, no-risk, 9/10 would recommend, etc.
  • Choose colours and images that fit the mood. Younger people tend to like red, yellow, and orange. Older people prefer blue hues. Research what kind of colours can represent your brand and add eye catching images that don’t clash with it.

Pro tip: Design takes practice and patience and like with everything in the advertising world you got to test it out. Take time to develop at least 4 types of ad designs and then test each one with a focus group. You might be surprised to see what gets the best response. Be open minded and your ad journey will take you to new, unexpected places.

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Conclusion: Embrace the Journey

Once you spend enough time in advertisement you realize just how little control you have on certain outcomes. There’s a reason the more flexible trees survive in gusting winds and the more rigid ones snap.
I encourage you to look at challenges and mixed results as an opportunity to improve upon during this holiday season. If you give yourself room to really dig deep into demographics, campaigns, and designs then you should be proud knowing that you gave it your all this Cyber monday. That sounds like a true success story to me.
Happy Holidays everybody. If you liked this post please feel free to subscribe and comment.

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